Dunwich Farms v5

Dunwich Builders releases v5 of Dunwich Farms for PlayStation 4!

Published on Sunday, January 21, 2018

Dunwich Farms v5 for PlayStation 4 is now available!

Dunwich Farms Screenshot

  • Added smoking, jet, needle and additional worship mats
  • Added lectern worship idle furniture
  • Added lectern scavenging station
  • Added furniture and workstation blueprints
  • Added blueprints workbench
  • Added Gorilla Panic, Grinning Brahmin and Purple Haze blunts
  • Added Bad Mothafucka, Nuclear Wintergreen and Rad Apple cigarettes
  • Added Budz Buddy Slims, El Duderino, Major Good Vibes and Three Dog Special joints
  • Added Blisstex, Fukitol, Turbo Killer and Wild Berry Numb-Numbs painkillers
  • Added Green Jewel Chew, Snuffout and Yaogaui Dark chaw
  • Added Barnacle Scramble food

Thanks for downloading!