Dunwich Heights v3

Dunwich Builders releases v3 of Dunwich Heights for PlayStation 4!

Published on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Dunwich Heights v2 for PlayStation 4 is now available!

Dunwich Heights Screenshot

  • Removed Coffee and Smoking Activators because they were showing up as a water source in Survival mode
  • Added Standpipes that work as water fountains
  • Added Dunwich Utility
  • Converted Dunwich Residence into Dunwich Motors
  • Added a few Brahmin Milk and Coffee Bean Flora items around the town
  • Updated Dulce's living space
  • Split Donald's from Dulce's living space
  • Added Adalia's Residence
  • Added PerkStations
  • Moved Atom's Garage next to Red Rocket Quick Stop
  • Added Above Anna's door
  • Added Hotline Telephones

Thanks for downloading!