Remote Cabin v17

Published on Friday, October 20, 2017

Remote Cabin v17 for PS4 is now available!

  • Added CloudStorage for Mods, Ammo, Melee Weapons and Grenades in Main Cabin and Garage
  • Added CloudStorage for some Armors
  • Added CloudStorage activators for Workshop Trunk and Scrap Shelf in Garage
  • Added Syringer, RadAway and Stealth Boy to Chem CloudStorage
  • Added Mirelurk Eggs, Moldy Food, Perfectly Preserved Pie and Deezer's Lemonade to Cryo Cooler food list
  • Set main cabin Terminal to "Ignored By Sandbox" since it's slightly off-height
  • Added Dog Mattresses, Dog Chair, Couch and Stool, Guard Chairs, Partying and Partied Out Mats, Dog and Cat Rugs and Junk and Booze Shop Chairs as craftable objects
  • Reordered some of the Remote Cabin items in the build menu
  • Converted more static items to scrap
  • Cleaned up navmesh a bit around central rocks
  • Relinked and finalized navmesh for entire settlement
  • Removed Fernweed

Thanks for downloading!