Remote Cabin v18

Published on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Remote Cabin v18 for PS4 is now available!

  • Adjusted interaction point for Dog Bed Single
  • Cleaned up stacking and other keywords for current Booze
  • Added Coffee effect for Main Cabin desk activator
  • Added more keywords to Armor Storage
  • Added Poisoned Merlot
  • Fixed an issue where the Coffee Activator was applying the Smoking Effect
  • Added Bloody Mary
  • Added doors to power armor garage
  • Replaced cabin mats with dog and cat mats
  • Plugged a few holes in navmesh
  • Relinked and finalized navmesh in all 9 cells
  • Added drinking fountain spell to garage water cooler
  • Removed QAScrap container and Settler Spawn button

Thanks for downloading!