Remote Cabin v23

Published on Saturday, December 23, 2017

Remote Cabin v23 for PS4 is now available!

Remote Cabin Screenshot

  • Renamed Atomic Warhead to Dirty Warhead
  • Added Ice Cold Rum and Nuka-Cola
  • Added Gin
  • Renamed Cocktails to Hooch
  • Renamed Speakeasy to Top Shelf
  • Renamed Poisoned Wine to Grimwine
  • Added Caffeination effect to drinks that use Nuka-Cola
  • Tweaked a few recipes for current drinks
  • Moved Nightcrawler to Hooch tier
  • Increased proc chance on Spiked Lurknog to 25%
  • Moved Dirty Warhead to Top Shelf
  • Added Blueprints workbench to garage
  • Adjusted AO markers
  • Added AO markers to garage
  • Fixed up garage lights
  • Moved Christmas tree to Port-A-Diner area
  • Moved some build items from Experimental to Furniture
  • Added light switches to garage
  • Removed and consolidated a few lights
  • Added happiness to cat and dog mats
  • Adjusted happiness on other mats

Thanks for downloading!